To say that our hospitals have been under the pump the last couple of years might be the understatement of the century. Even before covid our emergency departments have been chock full of patients seeking medical attention, and a good chunk of those in the emergency waiting room likely don't need to be there.

To lighten the load on the ED, Medicare introduced Urgent Care Clinics. Think of them as a step below the emergency department, but a step above waiting for the GP to open in the morning.

To help launch and acquaint Aussies with this new service we created a thirty second film, localised OOH and a whole lot of social assets under the campaign "That's a case for a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic".

As well as announcing the service, the campaign aims to educate Aussies about the kinds of medical scenarios that would best be looked after by a doctor at a UCC instead of waiting around fo hours in the ED.

We worked with BUCK Animation to bring this sweet little spot to life.