Everybody knows that fast food is at it's most appealing after a solid night out.
You've danced your ass off, your ears are ringin' and your tummy's rumblin'. 

As far as late night takeaway joints go, it's pretty slim pickins out there and KFC hasn't exactly had it's fair shake of the sauce bottle.

So to whet the appetites of those that like to stay out late, we got in early and created a secret, one-night-only nightclub experience – The Fried Side Club.

We partnered with Aussie DJ Luude to take a typical night out to the next level. Luude performed alongside Kinder and Foura while the Colonel was slingin' Luude's Zinger Sliders to our 450 party animals (soz to the 800 party animals on the wait list!).

With 232 pieces of coverage and over 177million reach, this was KFC's most successful music activation to date, and all for a worthy cause as profits from the night went to the KFC Youth Foundation.