Why can’t I find Nike’s that fit my wide feet?

For some, finding active wear that fits well and looks good can be quite a difficult task and despite the growing trend of plus-sized active wear filling the shelves, there is surprisingly very little advertising around these items. Nike have recently added Wide and Extra-Wide fit options to their running footwear lineup. Unfortunately these items have by and large flown under the radar of consumers (myself included). There is a gap here in Nike’s advertising strategy for these products and they aren’t fully reaching an audience that needs to be reached. Activewear that is designed specifically for those on the fringes of exercise should be celebrated and extravagantly marketed so that those individuals feel inspired to achieve their fitness goals.

Nike Wide. A campaign designed for people on the fence about exercise and those who struggle to find activewear they feel comfortable in. The campaign focused on what one could achieve if they "Go Wide". A wide perspective, wide horizons, and of course a wide smile. This project fuelled my determination to run my first ever 5k in November and stretched every creative muscle I have; branding, print design, web design, copywriting, art direction, photography and videography.

Because this was my individual major project at University I was responsible for every aspect of the project from start to finish including tasks like:

  • Concept Generation

  • Copywriting

  • Art Direction

  • Graphic Design (Print, Web and Social)

  • Website Development

  • Video & Photography Direction

  • Video Storyboarding

  • Text Animation