Can you just show me what you mean?

I learn a lot from my Dad. He works with creatives and hears their ideas all the time. I'll never forget one day he was telling me about a project his team were working on and he wouldn't stop raving about how easy it was to grasp the creative idea when the designer could sketch it for him on some paper.

Thanks for the hot tip Dad.

Acknowledging that illustration was a skill I had never worked at developing, I wanted to dive in and see how deep the water was. Purely working on iPad making digital drawings, I started with a 100 days of Illustration project which pretty much failed (of course) and then got really into a project called Inktober, in which the illustration community attempts to draw one black and white drawing a day for the duration of October. It was the kick in the pants I needed to finish my 100 days. Dad’s proud.

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