How can a local non-profit strengthen their longstanding visual identity?

The Illawarra Koori Men’s Support Group endeavours to become leaders in their community by providing high quality, culturally appropriate and effective programs and services focusing on the physical, social, emotional and cultural well-being of Aboriginal men and male youth. After identifying a need to refresh their visual identity to improve their online presence and keep their brand contemporary, they approached me with the brand refresh project. The challenge was to maintain the recognisable image from their previous logo, a whale painted by one of their elders 20 years ago.

The first thing I worked on was bringing the whale design up to online standards with a faithful, and high resolution recreation in Adobe Illustrator. From there I experimented with different identity options. After some consideration I felt it would bolster their visual identity to have the Aboriginal flag incorporated into the logo design and developed some logos using the flag and similar colours. Additionally they required some visual assets in the dot-painting style which I was able to recreate based on designs they shared with me. My aim was to deliver assets to them which they would be able to use to create their own marketing material through their Canva subscription.