Can AI make a good album cover?

I'll stop short of saying "Here's some AI artwork I made" though, because I didn't really lift a finger making any of this. But I did try briefing some iconic album artwork to DALL-E 2 (which lifted many artificial intelligent phalanges to make these).

By describing (as best I could) a few iconic album covers to OpenAI's DALL-E 2 image generation AI, I discovered that yes, Artificial Intelligence can make a good album cover.

Some covers took longer to find the best prompt than others, but overall I'm pretty blown away with the tech. In theory it makes me faster at my job and doesn't become a sentient creative genius that steals my job.

The prompt I used for Nevermind was "An under water wide angle photograph of a baby swimming and trying to reach a dollar note, from the perspective of underneath and in front of the baby".